Landscaping Products

Beautify your next landscaping project with river rock, limestone, and masonry sand from Terra Firma Materials, L.L.C. Read more about our products:

River rock: Earth-toned, smooth river rock is a beautiful decorative element for bordering flowerbeds, outlining pathways, or landscaping ponds. River rocks vary in size from 2 inches to approximately 4 inches and can also be used as erosion control for gardens and with septic systems.

Pea Gravel: Smooth, round ⅜ inch pebbles in multicolored earth tones make a great material for decorative driveways, pathways, and playgrounds. Pea gravel can also be used in the bottom of garden planters, containers, pots and flower boxes for drainage.

Crushed Limestone: 100 percent white limestone is crushed to pieces ranging from 1 inch to 1.5 inch in size. This pure washed rock is a highly versatile material. Some uses are driveways, roads, parking areas, pathways, picnic areas, decorative landscapes, erosion control and French drains.

Masonry sand: This is the ideal blend of sands for brick and masonry mixes and mortars. Masonry sand is used widely by brick masons and in stone work and construction projects.