Asphalt Products

Hot Mix Asphalt Concrete (HMAC) Production of HMAC is a multifaceted operation blending in correct proportions aggregates, liquid asphalt binder and mineral fillers to achieve a product second to none. All mix designs at Terra Firma Materials, L.L.C. are Txdot approved, meeting stringent requirements as set forth by DOT. Our onsite quality control department ensures a consistent asphaltic mix by continuously testing as produced. Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA) is produced similar to HMAC, however at a reduced temperature 25-50 degrees less. At Terra Firma Materials, L.L.C. we incorporate the use of a Green System which encapsulates micro beads of water into the asphalt binder causing it to foam and expand. WMA has shown great benefits to both producer and consumer as a reduction in cost for both.
  •  Type D
  •  Type B
  •  Type C
  •  Superpave
  •  Stone Matrix Asphalt (SMA)
  •  Warm Mix Asphalt (Type D, B and C)
Cold Mix
Cold Mix serves multiple purposes; city, county and state have used this product for years as a quick remedy to roads, driveways, parking lots, park walkways and various recreational areas. Please call for your next project.
Fractionated Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP)
No product remains more versatile than RAP thru out the year’s new technologies has allowed a broader use for this product. With its high asphalt and coarse graded properties RAP is most commonly used for new roadway construction worldwide. We process and have on hand large stockpiles to meet the demands of your next project. 3/8” minus
Recycled Asphalt Shingles (RAS)
RAS like RAP is continuing to see further use in multiple areas of construction most commonly in roadway construction. Like RAP, RAS has an even greater amount of asphalt and is fractionated to provide flow ability. 3/8” minus