Our fine aggregate consist of material finer than 3/16” general use includes concrete, hot mix asphalt, pipe bedding, stone paver bedding, landscape, commercial cinder block production and other applications.
  • Concrete sand
  • Mortar Sand
  • Asphalt Sand
  • Washed Screenings (Washed Manufactured Sand)
  • Dry Screenings (Unwashed Manufactured Sand)
  • Top Soil
Production of our coarse aggregate begins deep in the heart of our pit mining in an ancient river bed. What starts out as boulders ranging in size of four feet to two inches is processed down to common graded aggregate. General use includes hot mix asphalt, DOT roadway construction, pipe bedding, MSE Wall Backfill, driveways, concrete, sediment control and other uses.
  • Grade 2 (minus 7/8” to plus 3/8”)
  •  Grade 4 (minus 9/16” to plus 3/8”)
  •  Grade 6 (minus 3/8” to plus 3/16”)
  •  MSE Backfill (minus 5/8” mixed)
  •  Concrete 1” (minus 1-1/4” to plus 3/16”)
  • Concrete Pea Gravel
Used for its structural foundation properties our Base meet or exceed DOT requirements including item 247 out of Txdot Standard Specification. Stockpiles are kept in large supply to ensure we're prepared to meet the needs of local industry.